From Settlement to Superpower I – The European Background

Detailed coverage of the colonial period of US history, including extensive discussion of the European background to American colonization. Originally aired in podcast format, from 2018-2019. Audio only. View all content

  • 39 Hours 15 Minutes

What you will learn

Module 1 – The English Reformation
Module 1
Module 1 - The English Reformation

These first episodes on From Settlement to Superpower give a brief overview of the English Reformation, from the Henrician break with Rome through the Elizabethan Settlement.

  • 4 Hours 9 Minutes
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Module 4 – The Elizabethan Colonization
Module 4
Module 4 - The Elizabethan Colonization

As England drifted into open war with Spain, a base on North America from which to base her overseas operations was becoming both more necessary and potentially more lucrative. This module treats the events surrounding the establishment of the first English colony on American soil and the mystery of its abandonment.

  • 7 Hours 28 Minutes
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