From Settlement to Superpower II – Colonial America in the Seventeenth Century

This ongoing course covers the early colonial period of American colonization in depth, from Jamestown to new England, with a special emphasis on tying the developments in America back to the political and social changes that were roiling England at that time. View all content

  • 6 Hours 58 Minutes

What you will learn

Module 1 – Britain and Ireland, 1603
Module 1
Module 1 - Britain and Ireland, 1603

This module sets the stage for both our discussion of Stuart England and her American colonies, as well as the religious and political upheavals which so dramatically shaped the form of American colonization.

  • 4 Hours 30 Minutes
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Module 2 – King James I
Module 2
Module 2 - King James I

This module describes the reign of King James VI/I, from his turbulent Scottish childhood through his struggles with the English Parliament.

  • 2 Hours 28 Minutes
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