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HistoryCourses is ultimately dedicated to the widespread dissemination of knowledge, particularly historical knowledge. It is our strong belief that a solid historical foundation is absolutely necessary for the well-being of our civic institutions. Accordingly, a quality historical education must be not only compelling, but also affordable. At HistoryCourses we strive to provide a product which is both.

Our purpose

HistoryCourses was founded in order to provide the general public with historical content that is attractive, affordable, and academically sound. We strive to fuse traditional rigor with visual learning, resulting in a pleasing yet informative video narrative.

Our values

We at HistoryCourses are dedicated toward producing only the best quality historical content, even as we remain affordable to the general public. Accordingly, our video lectures are produced with tremendous love and dedication, with a gimlet eye toward detail and accuracy. Meanwhile, our carefully annotated transcripts and bibliographies allow our members to expand their education in their own direction, focusing on the subjects that interest them most.

We are made by History.

There can be no understanding of the world in which we live at present, if we cannot turn back and examine its origins.

We're on a mission to create a society which recognizes its roots in the past.

HistoryCourses is centered around a single, all-encompassing proposition: that knowledge is the common birthright of all humanity and should accordingly be as freely accessible as possible. This proposition is true with regards to all fields of knowledge but is especially critical when it comes to our history. Not everyone is going to be a scientist or philosopher, but all of us are citizens – and are, as such, morally obligated to understand who we are and where we come from.