Road to Revolution: 1763 – 1775 (US History II)

This course covers the events and sociopolitical forces which led the American colonies to rebel against Great Britain, with a distinct focus on the interplay between internal colonial politics and the troubles with Parliament. Also given substantial attention is Parliament's perspective, which is treated fairly and even-handedly. View all content

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In this lecture, we take a brief tour of the British Empire as it existed in 1763, from Quebec and the Caribbean to Gibraltar and Bengal.

What you will learn

Module 1 – Empire of Reason
Module 1
Module 1 - Empire of Reason

Following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the British Empire reigned supreme. From India to Canada, from Minorca to Virginia, the Union Jack waved in triumph. This module describes the apparatus of government in Great Britain and her colonies, including the Crown, Parliament, the Cabinet, and the Board of Trade.

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Module 2 – The Colonies
Module 2
Module 2 - The Colonies

In this module, we introduce the North American colonies of Great Britain, with a particular focus on their forms of government, demographic profiles, and internal sociopolitical dynamics.

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