October 8 Update


Hello everybody!

As promised last week, we’re back for a weekly roundup of what’s happened on the site. This was quite a busy week. We finished both module 1 of the Roman history course (covering our sources for early Roman history) and module 3 of our Norman England course (covering the rule of Duke William of Normandy, from 1035 through 1066). I have also added end-of-module quizzes on to each of these modules, so you can test your knowledge if you so desire.

In other news, I’ve really gotten started on uploading all of the audio podcast episodes on to the site. For ease of navigation, I’ve decided that I’m going to break up the podcast into several parts, even though it really is a unified narrative. Anyway, for now we have two courses out of From Settlement to Superpower – the first, covering the European background and pre-Jamestown colonization of America, and the second, which will cover the 17th Century, probably up until the Glorious Revolution.

I am uploading episodes to these two courses at a rapid pace, and hope to have everything (some 27 hours worth of material, I believe) uploaded by the end of next week. So expect a lot of notifications from the uploads. See you next week!