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Hey everybody! As some of HistoryCourses’ subscribers already know, prior to creating this website I had a free podcast on American history, called From Settlement to Superpower. During the year or so that I was creating this site, I was forced to curtail my activity on the podcast – sadly, I only have so many hours during the day and my work here sometimes took in excess of 12 hours a day.

The good news is that I believe I’ve reached a point in my workflow where I can restart my podcast, and I’m going for it. The podcast won’t be hosted on this site – you can find it on all major podcasting platforms – but I will include my new podcast episodes within each weekly update.

So, having said that, let me say a few words about my podcast. From Settlement to Superpower is a highly detailed narrative account of American history, and I would like to carry it through all the way to 1945 (perhaps I will cover the Cold War too, but right now I’m just trying to get to 1945).

My general philosophy when it comes to the study of history is that if one really wants to understand a given topic, it is imperative that one gains a thorough grounding in all of the topic’s historical background, and in From Settlement to Superpower I’ve gone all out on giving as thorough of an account of the background to the English colonization of North America as is possible.

As such, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time getting into all of the 16th Century background which will be critical to understanding the colonial history of America. Over 60 episodes (and 45+ hours) of content, the podcast covers the English Reformation, the Spanish colonization project in the Caribbean and North America, the Anglo-French-Spanish rivalry over the New World, and the multiple interests which compelled the European powers to look westwards and colonize the New World.

We’re actually restarting this podcast at a very good time, because the podcast is almost up to the actual establishment of the Virginia Company and the Jamestown Settlement – we only have a few more episodes about James VI and I’s experiences in Scotland before we can get into Stuart England and its colonization of Virginia.

In any event, I like to upload episodes weekly, although there are times when it takes longer, since I’m quite busy with this site. The episodes run for an average of about 45 minutes, although some episodes can be as short as 25 minutes, while others can be well in excess of an hour. As I’ve mentioned earlier, any week in which I add a new podcast episode, I’ll make sure to include a description of and link to it in the weekly update.

I hope you enjoy!


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