June 13 Update – Audio Files!


Hello everybody!

Just a quick update – the site has now been upgraded to allow for Pro users to download our lectures as mp3 files as well! This means that you will now be able to listen to HistoryCourses content as a podcast as well as in video form (although of course the lectures were designed primarily for use with the maps and diagrams presented in the videos, of course).

I will be updating all of the lectures to include an audio file, and should be done updating by the end of this week. The reason why it will take this long is because I am also adding metadata to each of the audio files, so that when you download the lectures they will automatically sort into separate albums for each course, with each lecture will be in its proper place within its course. I know many of you have wanted this upgrade, and I’m really happy it’s finally here!

Also, I’m probably going to go back to recapping all of the lectures posted in the site’s various lectures at the end of the week updates. I’ve been slightly lax in posting those sorts of updates in the past, but I believe I will be going back to that system now.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature, and don’t forget about our massive Revolutionary War giveaway! If you know family or friends who would like nearly $300 worth of books on the American Revolutionary War, then by all means get them to subscribe to HistoryCourses, and if you’re currently a free member make sure to upgrade to a Light or Pro plan to be automatically entered into the raffle!