June 25 Update


Hello everybody!

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening. The mp3 audio files have all been uploaded to every lecture in the English and American history courses, so now members can download those lectures to listen to on the go! The only issue I’ve been having – and indeed, this issue has been holding me up all week – is that I don’t seem to have these files for the Roman history course. Maybe they’ve been corrupted – I don’t know. The same goes for the Roman course’s transcripts – I can’t seem to find them, so for the time being they won’t be able to go on the site. Maybe in the future we will find/recover them.

In other news, we’ve put up more lectures in the English history course, and I’m almost done another video for the American Revolution course. Technically, the video was supposed to go up today, but because I lost so much time dealing with the Roman history transcripts and recordings, I wasn’t quite able to finish it yet. It should go up on Sunday or Monday.