March 26 Update


Hey everybody! Time for our weekly update (which seems to end up happening biweekly as often as not)!

In any event, we’ve added lots of new content since the last update. In our course on the American Revolution, we’ve added a new lecture dealing with the Hanoverian dynasty and their challenges, including family rivalries and Jacobitism. We’ve also added a video to our course on early Roman history, discussing the uses of oral and family traditions among the historians of the annalistic tradition.

We’ve also continued the saga of the House de Bellême with a second blog post, describing William Talvas’s alliance with Roger de Montgomery, and the subsequent recovery of the two Bellême strongholds of Domfront and Alencon, spearheaded by Duke William II of Normandy.

And finally, I got a new microphone – so I was finally able to record and upload a new podcast episode on From Settlement to Superpower, dealing with the rule of King James VI of Scotland from 1587-1595, a period defined by the ongoing and occasionally violent rivalry between James’ chancellor, John Maitland, and the Earls of Huntly and Bothwell.

Next week will almost certainly be a quiet one, as I will be travelling and celebrating Passover, so my time for work will be fairly limited. We will almost certainly get a blog post in, and hopefully a podcast episode as well. Hopefully by the next week we can go back to getting up regular video content – we’ve currently got two in the pipeline – one on Duke William’s marriage to Mathilda of Flanders, and the other on the youth, temperament, and associates of King George III.

See you then!