October 2 Update


Hello everybody – I have a few major announcements to make, all of them good! I know we haven’t had news updates in quite some time, but now we’re going to get back into that routine of weekly releases + news updates. So let’s get right into it.

The first big piece of news is that we’ve drawn a winner for our massive American Revolution giveaway! Congratulations to the winner, user @Ernie’sTennisLessons! We will probably launch our next giveaway at the beginning of 2022. I’m open to suggestions – hit me up at historicalcourses@gmail.com to give me ideas.

The next bit of news is that we have resumed releasing videos for our early Roman history course! The only downside is that for the first two modules we will not have annotated transcripts – it’s a long story why that’s the case, but it is what it is. Also, some of the videos that will go up in module two are from the oldest videos I’ve ever made, which means that they may appear stylistically very different from the other videos in the course. But all these are minor hiccups. The good news is that we’re back on track!

The next thing I wanted to say is that I will be adding the 45 hours or so of material from the From Settlement to Superpower podcast on to this site as a distinct course, along with rough (non-annotated) transcripts of most episodes (there are, however, a few old episodes whose transcripts I have since lost). Obviously, this will be entirely audio – since FSTS is a podcast there is no video. I will also continue to add content on that podcast, with annotated transcripts from this point on. Bear in mind, though, that a lot of the content for this podcast was produced almost 4 years ago, so there will be a significant difference in overall production quality, with lots of mispronunciations or editing goofs. The content itself, however, remains quite good, and I’m sure you will enjoy all the old stuff as well as the new material I add on.

And finally, there is a new course which I have in the pipeline which will hopefully get off the ground before the end of 2021, covering the Crusades. This is bound to be a popular one, and I can’t wait to get it out here on the site! I hope you guys are happy with these updates – till next time!