April 17 Update


Hey everybody,

I mentioned in the last update how I was going to be travelling and my output was going to be lower than usual. Well, that was true, but I didn’t envision just how true. Unfortunately, I have been bedeviled by technical woes and a very noisy household with over a dozen kids, so very little has actually gotten done.

Even so, however, I managed to get up a single lecture for the Norman England course, concerning William of Normandy’s marriage to Matilda of Flanders, and the political and religious storm that resulted from that marriage. Unfortunately, one of our technical problems is that the lecture isn’t locating properly within the module, but we should get that fixed some time this week.

Also, I put up a blog post about the story of Marguerite de la Rocque, a French noblewoman marooned on a remote Canadian island in 1543 for the crime of fornication. It’s a great story, and as I say in the blog post, it would make a really good movie.

Any way, next week I am driving the 1,200 miles from where I am currently staying to my home, so that’ll be a bit of a disruption, but after that we should be returning to completely normal scheduling.