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Hello everybody!

This is the very first “news” update I am posting here on this site. In this section, I am going to post all news pertaining to the website – when I add a new lesson, how my workflow is coming along, new giveaways, and various ideas for future courses and blog subjects. I plan on posting one of these updates every week, generally on Fridays, in which I give you all a rundown on the week’s activity.

Anyway, since is the first news update that I’m posting, I figure I may as well make it a little longer and just talk about the course structure, what’s currently up on the site, and what’s coming in the future. As of right now, there are three courses under construction: one on English history, one on American history, and one on Roman history.

The English history course (The Norman Kings of England, 1066-1135) is thus far the course with the most content. The first two modules are already complete, and the third module is under construction. There’s currently about 4 and a half hours’ worth of video content on there, covering the Anglo-Saxon background to the Norman Conquest, the history and politics of the Duchy of Normandy, and the events of William the Conqueror’s turbulent childhood. I have about half of the remainder of Module 3 already written, but I need to get to recording and animating it.

It’s worth noting here that I am going to go back and cover Anglo-Saxon England as well – the only reason I started with Norman England rather than the Migration Period was because COVID limited my access to the library I use, and I only had my personal library on Norman England at hand. In any event, the fact that I’ve been working on this course the longest also means that at some point in the first module you’re going to see certain stylistic shifts in the animation – that’s me developing as a video producer. You’ll probably see more of that in the months and years to come.

Next up we have the Roman history course (The Beginnings of Rome, 753-507 BC). This was actually the very first course I began working on, right about the time that the first COVID wave hit. That significantly delayed my work on this course, but now I believe that I have the time and resources to pursue it as well, and so far there’s about 45 minutes up from the first module, with more to follow.

And finally, we have the American history lecture (Bells of Liberty, 1763-1789). As in the case of the course on Norman England, this course begins in the middle of our story after over 350 years of European exploration, conflict, and colonization. But have no fear. These subjects will be covered in due course – I just didn’t want to cover early colonial history at the same time that I was covering it on my podcast, which I talk about here. When we’re done with this Revolutionary War course, we will go back and give the colonial period its fair shake.

So far, however, there is no content for this Revolutionary War course out on the website. I am still in the middle of writing up the first module, and I’m currently prioritizing completing Modules 1 and 3 of our Roman and English courses, respectively. I’d expect the first video lecture to be uploaded for this course in about a month from now.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these courses, and I’ll see you at the next update!